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Are you wearing the right hats for your business?

Stop me if any of these sound like you...

I'm trying to start my own business, but all the tools and platforms are making me crazy!

I've had some side hustle ideas that I've always wanted to look into, but I'd have no idea where to start.

I got my business off the ground all on my own, but now it's too much work for just me.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to wear a lot of hats - but not forever. With a knack for business tech, organization, and systems design, I'm here to help you reassess where you're at right now, get real about what your goals are, and show you the roadmap to get there.

Let's go hat shopping.

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New Solopreneurs

You're new to this and you're out on your own.

Maybe you're considering starting a new side hustle, or maybe you've been working on getting something off the ground with the "this'll work for now" mentality.

Let's cover the basics of starting a new business so your dream can come to life!

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Established Entrepreneurs

You've been at this for a while.

You probably found some helpful tools, maybe have a helper or two on your team, and business is going pretty good!

Whether you're in high-growth mode or you're still getting there, let's take a look at how your business is running now to make sure it's prepared and ready for the next step.

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Small Businesses

You're established and maybe growing faster than you thought you would.

You probably have a whole team helping you run your business, some good systems and tools, and more customers than your entrepreneurial heart ever dreamed of!

But your business operations are probably a mix of smooth-flowing systems and ones that "just got the job done". Let's take another look so that your business can run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Not sure where you fall?

Having been in the business world at senior levels in media, I was significantly impressed by Avery. Not just her discipline and attention to detail; it was her keen eye for nuance. Truly impressed in her work ethic only matched by her humanity.


Avery guides with compassion, keen insights, and a strong sense of ethics. Her honest feedback and suggestions gave added depth and details to my work and to many others. Avery combines leadership skills with high emotional intelligence and connects with others in a positive and purposeful way.


Avery was working with

professionals — many of us who had been in our fields for decades — and she was still able to establish herself as a voice of improvement and cultivation. She is gifted with an ability to anticipate the needs of those she coaches and mentors.

Image by Mathilde Langevin

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